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Haunted Chronicles

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Fr. Maximos McIntyre 20200221


Episode Description:
Fr. Maximos McIntyre is a bi-vocational Orthodox Christian priest of the diocese of Eastern America and New York of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

Over two decades ago as a college student his interest in understanding psychic phenomena led him to famed researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren of whose work “The Conjuring” universe is based. After writing up case files for their journal he became an active investigator and continued his work with researcher and lecturer John Zaffis co-authoring his first book. He left the field of research over 15 years ago to study for ordained ministry and now actively serves as a clergyman. Prior to ordination, he investigated 175 cases of purported psychic phenomena ranging from poltergeist activity to individuals and families under diabolical siege. In such case work he was convinced that the one and only solution for peace was Christ. As a result he began to theorize that much of the reported phenomena that appears to be genuine was demonic in nature. Since then he has emphasized the need of an Orthodox Christocentric worldview and its application, where man has the hope of healing, redemption and true freedom in the Christ. Even today as a clergyman, his work in this field carries on as needed in a pastoral capacity. His interviews, consultations and mentions have included Sphinx Radio, the Jim Harold Show, Darkness Radio, the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, ABC World News Now, Ancient Faith Radio, the American Movie Classics special, 25 Movies that Shocked the World, The Exorcist and various news outlets.

Additionally he has worked extensively with those in respite care, hospice and nursing home facilities as well as parish work. He is currently engaged in graduate studies in psychology and continuing education in the field of substance abuse counseling. He currently serves as a priest in New England

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