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Dave Siler and Ernie Atwell 20200402


Episode Description:
Our guests for Thursday, April 2nd, will be Dave Siler and Ernie Atwell from Paranormal Inc. Here is their information: Paranormal Inc is a 2 man solo project consisting of Ernie and Dave.

After leaving his team in 2017 to go solo , Dave left the team as well to head up the tech section of the project. With Ernie being lead researcher and investigator and Dave leading the tech and also an investigator , ernie and Dave help those who are experiencing both residential and commercial activity and haunts. The team travels and does various seminars and lectures on all things paranormal, also participating in Paranormal events, expos and Paracons. Ernie is currently writing his first book on how his spirituality and interest in the paranormal paved the way for his work in this field.

Ernie and Dave are also hosts of Step into the Paranormal Radio podcast on WLFE-DB Radio.

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Carl L. Johnson and James Annitto 20200326


Episode Description:
Sometimes, in this world we inhabit and think we understand, things occur which go beyond our comprehension, things that shatter our conceptions of an ordered existence, but nonetheless are very – undeniably – real!

Thus is the credo of Duo Daemonologie.

Author/paranormal researcher Carl L. Johnson and Theologian James Annitto, both of whom are highly regarded in the related fields of demonology and para-psychological exploration, offer their truly unique perspectives through a series of lecture programs being made available to educational institutions.

We present a structured educational lecture format wherein we expound upon the lore and traditions of wicked spirits (or malevolent influences), and postulate on their possible relevance in our own time. This interactive lecture involves the very dark aspects of the unknown.

Carl Johnson has 46 years’ experience, and James Annitto has15 years. You will hear many detailed accounts of the experiences they have both encountered in those many years of researching and investigating reports of the unknown.

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Kelly Miller 20200319


Episode Description:
Our guest on Thursday will be Kelly Miller. Here is her information:

Kelly Miller, has established herself as one of today’s premiere psychic mediums, through her lifetime of research, preparation, and training. She prides herself on practicing her craft with the highest standards of respect and care. Kelly’s motto is and always has been; "A positive, professional, peaceful experience for calm, comfort, and closure." In addition to private and online appointments, Kelly offers group gallery readings and public appearances, teaches workshops, lectures, and trains and assists fellow paranormal professionals and teams. She is also a holistic healer, published author, and non-denominational minister. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website,

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Mike King 20200312


Episode Description:
We are open to all topics and will mainly focus on the field of the Paranormal. Nothing is off limits. Buckle up and join us for an entertaining ride on the Crossroads. Our first show will feature as our guest, Mike King from the show, Ghosts of Shepherdstown.

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