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Understanding Spirit

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Melissa Bruce 20180419


Episode Description:
Host Reverend Father Alan Cox OSB talks to Paramania Radio Host Melisa Bruce about her life and decision to take a back seat on broadcasting.

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Alan Cox Himself 20180412


Episode Description:
Host Reverend Father Alan Cox OSB talks about his life and matters that are important to him. No guest this week, just Alan.

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Dave Erickson 20180405


Episode Description:
Host Reverend father Alan Cox OSB returns after a sustained period of illness to host his show live.

Alan's guest this week is co owner of Paramania Radio Dave (Dr Dave) Erickson talking about everything. In other words when Alan and Dave get together who knows where the conversation goes. One thing for sure it will be entertaining.

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USS Barry Friar 20180308


Episode Description:
Host Reverend Father Alan Cox OSB talks to Arch Bishop Barry Frier of the Holy See of Antioch Church for the UK. This will be a fascinating insight into one man's spiritual journey and what being in the church means to him. An interview not to be missed

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Bishop Cleminson 20180301


Episode Description:
Host reverend Father Alan Cox OSB talks to the Right Reverend Ryan Cleminson, Bishop of South Wales of the Holy See of Antioch Apostolic Church.

Bishop Cleminson will talk about his spiritual life's journey and how he came to the Antioch Church.

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Andy Porter and Terence Palmer 20180222


Episode Description:
Host The Reverend Father Alan Cox OSB talks to two inspiring people who have come together to advance their work into "Hearing Voices" Andy Porter

Andrew Porter has been working with his guide "Chen" since January 2008, and during this time has worked with clients from all over the world. He has performed many Psychic Surgery workshops, talks and demonstrations and has written a channeled book available from this website.

Andrew is currently focusing his work in the area of Auditory Voice Hallucinations, basically people that are hearing voices.

The hearing of voices is a growing problem, it affects every country and one that is sure to increase exponentially due primarily to drug use in society.

Terence Palmer

Hearing Voices Research – A Complementary Approach

We have proof that discarnate spirits cause people to hear voices, and that psychiatry has a lot to learn about how to treat it. Our research needs support. Please help us to present our evidence and educate the mental health services. Listen to this man’s experience and help us to treat others like him by making making a contribution, however small, to our research fund.

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