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The Seance Room

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Ken Gerhard 20190712


Episode Description:
This Friday! Join us in The Séance Room as we welcome our very own cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard to have a seat and join hands, as we conjure up another exciting episode with your host Lynda and Viktor Salazar. Brock and Norma, aka Mama C! Let's give him a huge welcome!

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Free Flow Friday 20190705


Episode Description:
This week it will be Free Flow Friday and we have a special evening discussing two unique Hauntings that have fallen by the wayside here in VA. We will cover all angles and share opinions of what it could have been that cause this world wide phenomena! Put your thinking caps on investigators, mediums, intuitive, and all else as we uncover what it may have been! Join for our new segment “Para files forgotten” See you then!

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K.L. Bone 20190628


Episode Description:
This Friday! Join us in the Seance room as we welcome our very talented and special guest K.L. Bone to have a seat and join hands, as we conjure up another exciting episode with your host Lynda & Viktor Salazar. Brock and Norma, aka Mama C! Let's give her a huge welcome! K.L. Bone is a bestselling dark fantasy and paranormal romance author. Her works include: Black Rose Guard series, Flames of Kalleen series, Rise of the Temple Gods series, a stand-alone science fiction novel, The Indoctrination, and numerous novellas.

Following a master’s degree in modern literary cultures, Bone is currently working toward her PhD in creative writing at Queen’s University Belfast. A world traveler, Bone has lived in the Pacific Northwest, California, London, and most recently, Belfast. When not immersed in words, of her own creation or studies, you’ll find her traveling to ancient sites that have inspired storytellers for millennia.

Website is:





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Elijah Buchholz 20190621


Episode Description:
Join us this Friday in The Seance Room as we welcome Elijah Buchholz, Elijah, Will be making an appearance on Travel Channel's Haunted Towns on June 24th as The Tennessee Wraith Chasers investigate Vaile Mansion located in Independence, MO. Elijah will be sharing his paranormal experiences and history with the location's home.

See you there, In The Seance Room!

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Dawn DuVurger 20190614


Episode Description:
The hosts of The Seance Room are joined by Dawn DuVurger.

Dawn DuVurger is a person of many hats. She was born in Hungary in 1969, immigrated to America in 1976, and has since lived in locations over the world. Dawn now calls Mississippi home with her husband and two kids. She has had many jobs such as bar/restaurant work, military, entertainment, and even a gator farm. Dawn started her entertainment career in 1992 as a professional dancer and model, in 1998 she acted (with some voice acting) for film, TV, and stage, and since 2006 has been contributing to behind-the-scenes jobs such as site location, bookings, promotions, and consulting. Her first film debut was the movie Cremains, and her most recent work has been for Ghost Legends and After Hours Cinema, with new projects filming now in three locations. Last year she co-founded the Supernatural Research Society with director Gene Hamil to conduct scientifically founded investigations of the paranormal and as an educational tool to help people learn about the paranormal and metaphysical worlds that are so often misrepresented in popular fiction and media. This group has been working with several shows and is planning on launching a YouTube channels soon.

With degrees in paranormal studies, Abnormal Psychology, history, and geography with minors in religion, classics, and anthropology she has a level of ability to bring to projects and investigations (the term career student comes to mind). A diverse background, international upbringing, and a ton of interesting and sometimes out right scary experience gives her a unique perspective.

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Free Flow Friday 20190607


Episode Description:
Come Join us on Friday night as we talk all things Paranormal. There has been a lot of good strange new's and paranormal topics to talk about.

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