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The Paranormality Files

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Max 20190216


Episode Description:
On The Paranormality Files this weekend we have Max from the chatroom on with us. He's going to get into several realms of the paranormal while on Saturdays show. From UFO, to spirits and ghosts, to Hat Man and shadow people, to prepping and surviving and Satanic worship places.

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Michele Wadey 20190209


Episode Description:
This Saturday on The Paranormality Files we talk to Michele Wadey about her paranormal experience at The Devils Dyke beauty spot in Sussex. We also talk to Matthew Sales about some strange goings on at his girlfriends old flat. We also talk about the phenomena of strange noises heard all round the world both on land and in the air.

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In the Beginning 20190202


Episode Description:
This Saturday on the first show of The Paranormality Files, Alison and Jon tell everyone how they became interested in the paranormal world and tell everyone what the show is about. They will also give some exciting news about upcoming shows and a very interesting experiment involving Jon.

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