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Karl Pfeiffer 20180416


Episode Description:
The Para Exchange welcomes Karl Pfeiffer

Passionate about the supernatural since as far back as he can remember, Karl began amateur experiential investigation during his sophomore year of college. Shortly after, he was cast on and later won the Syfy Channel's reality competition series, Ghost Hunters Academy. He went on briefly to work with the Ghost Hunters International team on the same network.

From there, he began work at the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado as one of the resident paranormal investigators on the Stanley's SPI team, leading weekend public investigations. He worked there for five and a half years, conducting almost 250 investigations on the grounds.

He lectures across the country about approaches to investigation, the philosophy of science and the paranormal, as well as paranormal photography. He's also one of the headlining guests alongside Barry Fitzgerald for the Ghost Hunter Cruise, which sails once or twice a year from ports across the world.

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Steve Gonsalves 20180409


Episode Description:
The Para Exchanges welcomes Steve Gonsalves!

This talented guy, has had interest in the paranormal even as a child and started his own investigative team as a teenager. In 1996, Steve joined TAPS while serving as a police officer. However, he is also a producer and became first known as the tech specialist for The Atlantic Paranormal Society, the paranormal investigative team featured on Ghost Hunters. Steve later came to be the one of the lead investigators and has been a featured expert on shows such as Ghost Hunter Academy and Destination Truth. Steve also was the drummer in the band Perpetual Doom with All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonate. He travels around the country speaking about his life and the paranormal. Make sure to check him out!

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James Annito 20180402


Episode Description:
Join Annie Weible as she chats with demonologist and seminarian James Annitto. James is a nationally renowned paranormal investigator, co-founder of Paranormal Specialty Crew, member of Sanctuary Paranormal and former owner of The Dominion Ministry. With more than a decade of experience, he has devoted his efforts to helping others in the field, as well as those needing spiritual cleansings.

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