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Penny Griffiths-Morgan 20180820


Episode Description:
Penny Griffiths-Morgan has had a fascination with both history and the paranormal since she was a young child and enjoys looking for the parallels in both. This became the basis of her podcast, Haunted histories, where she not only gets to talk all things past and also get to interview amazing guests from around the world. She also writes a regular blog for the Parasearch website and is in the process of putting together a book of her experiences which she should be releasing later this year called My Haunted histories.

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Michelle Tate 20180813


Episode Description:
The Para Exchange welcomes Michelle Tate. Michelle is a former cast member of SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Hunters Academy.” She has also served as one of the resident paranormal investigators at the Stanley Hotel, which led to her participation in the web series, “Spirits of the Stanley.” Michelle loves all things paranormal, horror movies, and anything to do with true crime.

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Chris Smith and Mike Gonsalves 20180806


Episode Description:
The Para Exchange welcomes Chris Smith and Mike Gonsalves...
TWC was founded in November of 2009 by Lead Investigator Christopher Smith assisted by friend and co-worker Joseph Tucker. Joseph resigned from the team for personal reasons in July of 2011. Early investigators also included Justin Seegraves and Wes Ritter. Justin and Wes have also taken other paths in life but remain valued friends of TWC.

In January of 2010 Steven McDougal, long time friend of Chris joined TWC as acting Case Manager. Including this position, "Doogie" also holds the responsibilities of Team Leader and ensuing Co Founder of the team due to his outstanding contributions and devotion to the evolution of TWC.

Historian and head of research, Scott Porter joined the team along with Investigator and aspiring physicist, Brannon Smith later on that year and remain valued investigators and representatives within the organization today. Brannon is also the younger brother of Chris. In August of 2011 Sumner County native Chasey Ray McKnight joined the team as acting equipment tech and trap fabricator. However, in 2015 Chasey resigned from the team and the show to be a full time husband and father.

In early 2015 the team accumulated member Mike Goncalves. Mike has an extensive background in Audio and surveillance technology and has a passion for the paranormal.

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers have investigated many acclaimed paranormally active historical sites, residential properties and public conglomerates including Old South Pittsburg Hospital of Pittsburg, TN and All access Coach Bus Leasing of Gallatin, TN to name a couple. As a result, the team has documented numerous unexplained audio and video anomalies along their travels.

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B. Harrison Smith 20180730


Episode Description:
The Para Exchange welcomes B. Harrison Smith...He is President of Class of '85, LLC. Directing debut: Camp Dread Recently wrapped production on the horror star studded Death House and the action-comedy, Garlic and Gunpowder. Director of Camp Dread, Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard, Death House, Garlic and Gunpowder Writer of The Fields, 6 Degrees of Hell, Camp Dread, Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard, Death House, Garlic and Gunpowder TV Work: Hang Men a director series reality show with Discovery Channel Virtual Reality: 360 Degrees of Hell for Samsung.

Born and resides in Pennsylvania. Smith works to create high quality motion pictures on modest budgets with domestic and international success.

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Sophia Temperilli 20180723


Episode Description:
The Para Exchange welcomes Sophia Temperilli, The Ghost Host Sophia Temperilli. Sophia is a 19 year old broadcaster; who has now celebrated over 7 years of broadcasting on As a child, Sophia lived in a haunted residence in Long Beach, California. She has been featured on Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures'" "Queen Mary" episode as a guest investigator, and was featured on CBS LA 2 / KCAL 9 as a Halloween news feature. Today, The Ghost Host Sophia Temperilli show is on every Saturday 12-1pm PST 3-4pm EST on

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Dustin Pari 20180716


Episode Description:
Hosts Todd Bonner and Gina Passante are joined by Dustin Pari. Dustin may be best known as a paranormal researcher and lecturer due to his numerous appearances on such television programs as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and Destination Truth. He has journeyed up and down the road time and time again appearing here, there, and everywhere. Though a well-respected and highly regarded staple of the paranormal event and lecture circuit, Dustin also delivers his entertaining and educational paranormal presentations to colleges and libraries across America.

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