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Indigo Children and Star Children 20180616


Episode Description:
This weekend we will be discussing Indigo Children and Star Children. What are they and who are they will be the big question we will be asking. To help with this we have Jon Sales and his wife Alison joining the show.

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Human Evolution are We Evolving or Devolving 20180609


Episode Description:
Evolution are we as a species changing ? With all the chemicals, drugs additives to food and also on a psychic level with more people being aware and accepting the Paranormal as mainstream. Do you think humans might be on the brink of an evolutionary change?

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Fox Cities Paranormal Radio - Peter Haviland 20180603


Episode Description:
No detail found.

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Amy Hollaman 20180602


Episode Description:
My Guest this week is Amy Hollaman from Eastern State Penitentiary. Amy will be talking about the History of Eastern State Penitentiary and the Haunting of Eastern State and the Amazing Haunt they call Terror Behind the Walls.

Amys Bio Amy Hollaman, Creative Director

Amy Hollaman joined Terror Behind the Walls as an actress in 2005 and is currently in her fifth year as creative director. Amy oversees casting, creative direction, stage management, and human resources for the 300-person cast. Year-round she works as the historic site's assistant director of events and operations, planning and producing such events as Bastille Day, Party at the Pen: The Masquerade, and Brewery Ommegang's Game of Thrones beer launch party. As an established leader in the haunted attraction industry, Amy teaches seminars and workshops on safety, operations, and theatrical training at Transworld's National Halloween and Attractions Show, the State of Pennsylvania Attraction Safety Seminar, The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, and other haunted houses around the country.

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Exorcism of Gary Brown 20180526


Episode Description:
This week Jon Sales will join the show as Jon and I try to exorcise Gary's demons. As all of you know Gary failed Bob Larson's 21 question quiz about being possessed. So instead of us spending 100s of dollars on books and tapes to cure Gary Jon and I decided to do our own Exorcism. As you know we are ordained ministers so that demon is going to get a double teaming from Jon and I and we invite you to join in the fun.

I am sure Gary's demon won't play by the rules and we won't either. Join us this Saturday Live and let's all exorcise the hell out of Gary "Gaz" Brown

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UFOs 20180512


Episode Description:
This weeks show topic is UFOs are they real and where could they come from? Inter dimensional, Hollow Earth, or out from under the Flat Earth. We will talk about it all. Also a Bob Larson Update.

110.7 MB

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