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The Edge of Reason

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90 Day Fiance 20190715


Episode Description:
The ladies welcome David & Annie Toborowsky, stars of TLC's hit show, 90 Day Fiance. They will discuss his weight loss, divorce and a trip to Thailand where his life changed.

108.9 MB
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Donna Oliver 20190708


Episode Description:
Tonight the ladies welcome Donna Oliver founder of Philly Ghost Hunts. She just completed an exciting investigation and will share all the details!

108.3 MB
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Thomas Morton 20190624


Episode Description:
Please join the ladies as they welcome the star of Viceland’s Balls Deep! Thomas worked at Vice Media x15 yrs and most recently wrote an article for Penthouse on shall we say.....Butts!

He has reported on nuclear test sites, covert opium harvests, Armageddon and the only non-Juggalo to cover the Gathering of the Juggalos. Thomas lives in Catskill, NY with his bald bottom cat, Talulah.

108.7 MB
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Seanan McGuire 20190610


Episode Description:
The ladies at The Edge of Reason are joined by Seanan McGuire. Seanan McGuire is an award winning science fiction author, cartoonist, creepy doll collector, blogger, award winning composer, madwoman and poet!


104.8 MB
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Cynthia the Solitary Witch 20190603


Episode Description:
The ladies welcome empath, solitary witch, fibro warrior and dear friend.....aka Cynthia, the Solitary Witch.

109.5 MB
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Michael Peterson 20190527


Episode Description:
The ladies are joined by Author Michael Peterson. Subject of the Netflix series The Staircase and author of the new book Behind The Staircase. This is a Don’t Miss episode.

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Book link: Click here

109.9 MB

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