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Sit, Chat and Laugh with the Lynchs

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Amy Perry Lane 20170320


Episode Description:
Join your Hosts Jay and Teresa Lynch as they sit down and chat with Amy Perry Lane of Para Expeditons

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David Childers 20170313


Episode Description:
Hosts Jay and Theresa Lynch are on a NEW night and Network as they sit down and chat with David Childers!! David Childers Is co founder of Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute and also lead investigator of the Shondra May Cold Case File also has had the pleasure to investigated with Zak and Aaron from Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel, ( Patrick Burns from TRU TV'S Haunting Evidence and Travel Channels Paranormal Challage, Keith Age from the Booth Brothers film's on Syfy cnannel , Kevin Betzer and Randy Hardy from Syfy's hit show (Deep South Paranormal), Jeremiah Riggs from ( WWE Tough Enough, Daisy Of Love, UFC AND MMA) , Also has been featured on Destination America's (Ghost Asylum), BIO CHANNEL,TRAVEL CHANNEL , A and E , LIFETIME ,OXYGEN, MISSISSIPPI ROADS, CANADA'S GHOST STORIES STORIES, Finding Bigfoot , and local Mississippi news Channels ( WLBT,WJV, USA Today, Clarion Ledger . He is also a photographer , actor andone of the main charaters in the upcoming horror movie ( The Documentary of Ozbo) and the Ring Master that will be featured on Eventscreamers Twisted Carnival.

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