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Chad Cornell 20190115


Episode Description:
Join Weebs with paranormal investigator and host of The Eerie Voice and The Echo on Paranormal Warehouse, Chad Cornell!

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Calvin Von Crush 20190108


Episode Description:
Host Annie Weible is joined by Calvin Von Crush. Calvin is a full-time tattoo artist at Lucky Soul Tattoo in Woodbridge, CT. When he’s not permanently drawing on people he can be found scouring every deep dark crevice for the next item to add to his collection. His home boasts a private museum in his basement housing one of the worlds largest collections of items related to paranormal and occult history. Freak animals, spirit art, cursed objects, and even a real shrunken head can all be found amongst the shelves and shadows in his home.

His passion for Ouija and talking boards has earned him a Directors seat on the Talking Board Historical Society where he helps preserve the history of these curious board games. While Calvin is a confessed atheist and non believing sceptic, he continues to investigate the people and places associated with bizarre phenomena. The thrill of the hunt is what keeps him coming back!

Follow alongside his adventures as a sceptic on VIDIspace’s The Occult Collector. Visit: for more details.

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Ho, Ho Horror 20181218


Episode Description:
Join Weebs and Shay for a discussion of the most creepy and comical Christmas lore we could find! #Christmas #horror #legends #lore

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Daniel Klaes 20181211


Episode Description:
Join Weebs as she welcomes Daniel Klaes for an amazingly creepy hour of paranormal talk.

Daniel is the Host of #WithinTheseWalls on @thehauntedspace which premiered in February, 2018 on Nick Groff and Elizabeth Saint’s ViDi Pay per view TV network. Each week Daniel and his team of investigators meet up at undisclosed locations he has never been to and unlock the mysteries of the spirits who live deep inside. You can catch #WithinTheseWalls every Saturday at 11pm here at this link.

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Justin Brown 20181204


Episode Description:
Justin Brown is a photographer, independent fillmaker and paranormal researcher from Hillsboro, Oho. Founder/Lead Investigator of Interface Death. Producer and host of Necromancer Live Show, My Paranormal Soapbox and the Supernatural Symposium. CEO of Shadowforge Studios. Editor, Cinematographer and Sound Designer for MAN vs PARANORMAL. Concept and Graphic Designer for Deadlite LLC.

After experiencing profound paranormal experiences in my early 20's and losing my father to an untimely death in 2011, I founded Interface Death in March 2013 to explore the realm of life after death and paranormal phenomena. My goal is to remove the "para" from paranormal by using science to quantify, predict and explain the supernatural.

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Daryl Marston 20181127


Episode Description:
Join Weebs on Tuesday at 8pm with Daryl Marston of The American Ghost Hunter Show and Paranormal Warehouse, only on Paramania Radio!

53.9 MB

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