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Paranormal A to Z with Amy and Zana

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Jack Kenna 20180118


Episode Description:
Join Amy and Zana this week as they welcome Paranormal investigator, tech specialist, writer and author Jack Kenna. He is a bicoastal investigator being a member of both S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of New England and the San Diego Ghost Hunters. Jack made his career in the U.S. Department of the Army as a Senior Engineering Tech and project leader and by doing so he has brought his expertise forward in his methodology involving the para field.

Jack has been seen on TV shows such as WHEN SPIRIT'S TALK and HAUNTED CASE FILES.

Tune in to learn how he got involved in the paranormal and the experiences he and his family members have experienced in his childhood home.

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Santiago Cirilo 20180111


Episode Description:
On the next Paranormal A to Z; Amy and Zana are excited to welcome U.S. Army Infantry Veteran, paranormal researcher, writer and actor Santiago Cirilo.

In addition to his work on THE WALKING DEAD and NASHVILLE, he is also known for his appearances on several other shows like YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE, MINDBENDER, MEMPHIS BEAT and AMERICA'S MOST WANTED.

Join us as we discuss his links with the undead, his Paranormal experiences and his upcoming Paranormal TV show SMOKE.

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Richard Estep 20180104


Episode Description:
Join Amy and Zana as they welcome Richard Estep. Known as the Ghost Writer. Richard is a best selling author, paranormal investigator, firefighter - paramedic, EMT/paramedic instructor, an on call communications tech/paramedic for DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team).

He founded the BOULDER COUNTY PARANORMAL RESEARCH SOCIETY in 2006. He and his wife are both animal lovers and live with several dogs and cats that they have rescued. #adoptdontshop

Check out his website http://richardestep.net/ for a complete list of his books and bio as well as his teams page http://bouldercountyparanormalsociety.org/

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Keith Age 20171228


Episode Description:
Hosts Amy Farley and Zana Lowe are joined by Keith Age. Known as The Legendary Rock-n-Roll Ghost Hunter, Keith has 30 yrs experience in para research & investigation, a professional musician, speaker, documentarian, Founder & President of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, organizer of the MID-SOUTH PARACON, host & associate producer of the Booth Brothers "Spooked TV", and he has been seen on the Syfy Channel, Chiller TV, Destination America & the Discovery Channel.

Both Amy & Zana have had the pleasure of investigating Old South Pittsburgh Hospital with Keith in August of 2016.

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Nicholas Antolick 20171221


Episode Description:
Join hosts Amy Farley and Zana Lowe as they talk with Owner/Designer/Manufacturer of PARANORMAL PRODUCTS, Nicholas Antolick.

Nicholas is a 3rd generation antique dealer, native Pennsylvanian and maker of some spectacular psychic instruments, automatic writing planchettes, boards and various other psychic tools. His products are all metaphysically engineered and have appeared in the Paranormal Activity movies and several other television shows. A few are in use by professional psychics all over the world.

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Denice and Larry Altman 20171214


Episode Description:
Join Amy and Zana as the welcome Denice and Larry Altman, proprietors of the haunted Antiques and Collectables in the beautiful, historic St. Augustine FL. They will discuss the many experiences and history of the building as well as stories behind many of the haunted objects they have in their private collection.

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Larry Flaxman 20171207


Episode Description:
Join us as we talk with author, screenwriter, researcher and speaker Larry Flaxman. We will discuss his best selling books, his cutting edge work in the paranormal field and his team: the Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team (ARPAST). We will also discuss is amazing non-profit charity The Bridge of Compassion that helps those in need and we will touch on his unusual collection of antiquities!!

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