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Paranormal A to Z with Amy and Zana

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Janice Leah 20180419


Episode Description:
This week Amy and Zana welcome Janice Leah, founder/owner of Neosho County Paranormal Investigators. Janice founded NCPI 7 years ago and is a committee member of the Paranormal Hall of Fame as well as affiliate member of the Dominion Ministry Outreach Network.

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Divergent Path Paranormal 20180412


Episode Description:
Join Amy and Zana this week as they welcome Divergent Path Paranormal. Matt & Melinda, the husband and wife team, have been involved in the Paranormal for almost a decade. The investigate homes, businesses and historic locations in TN and the surrounding areas.

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Brandon Kreitzer 20180405


Episode Description:
Join Amy on location in St. Augustine this week where she is a guest investigator with Phoenix Rising Productions at the Hunt for the Bears Paranormal Investigation and walking your.

Her special guest is BRANDON KREITZER, the Paranormal Road Warrior. Brandon is the Founder of PAST of KY, TN and IL.

PAST: Paranormal Activity Specialist Team.

He is also the Founder/President of Phoenix Rising Productions.

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Amber Kirik and Tim Hopper 20180329


Episode Description:
Hosts Amy and Zana are joined by Amber Kirik and Tim Hopper. Amber is an investigator with Key West Paranormal. She also hosts a podcast show with Tim Hopper. She has a been a paranormal investigator for five years and interested in the paranormal since she was a small child.

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Steve DiSchiavi 20180322


Episode Description:
Hosts Amy and Zana will be joined by Steve DiSchiavi. Steve is a retired U.S. Marine and New York City homicide detective. He stars on the travel channel series, The Dead Files.

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Eddie Hill 20180315


Episode Description:
This week Amy and Zana are joined by guest Eddie Hill, the UFO Cop.

Eddie is a retired Police Seargent who served over 26 yrs. Prior to his law enforcement career, he served 8 yrs in the US Navy Reserves as a Master of Arms.

Eddie does consultations as a police instructor, fire arms instructor, defense tactics, special weapons, hostage negotiations and special investigations.

He is the host of Paranormal Analytical and has over 20 yrs experience as a paranormal investigator.

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