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Haunted Chronicles

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Tammy Gyarmathy 20191011


Episode Description:
Tammy Gyarmathy jets in to The Haunted Chronicles studios Friday October 11th. Tune in as Tammy will share her experiences growing up, her investigations and her experience on TV show Ghost Adventures.

Tammy is Founder, Investigator and case Manager of Tammy has over 15 direct years experience in the field. Though she has seen spirits since she was 5 years old. Please check out her teams website:

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Episode 250 20190927


Episode Description:
Our newly decorated green room is empty as we prepare for the upcoming Halloween season. Thank you to all our loyal listeners. Our first show was on Friday 12-13-13 ,Join us for our 250th! extravaganza jubilee spectacular -Thank you ! Jen and Jim

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Skulls and Bones Ep.249 20190920


Episode Description:
A little bit of a theme here,but we'll be talking about a lot of topics. Only a couple of shows left leading to Halloween,so please join us for this bone crushing show this Friday! Hosted by Jennifer Runyon and Mr Haunted.

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Ep.248 Fun facts and Spooky Stories 20190906


Episode Description:
Ep.248 Fun facts and Spooky Stories

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Ep.247 Danny Radikal 20190830


Episode Description:
Danny Perez aka Danny Radikal joins us on The Haunted Chronicles next Friday. Danny is an investigator and archivist of the unexplained. Aside from creating custom Ouija boards,he owns a large collection of haunted,cursed and unique items. As always with your hosts Jennifer and Jimmy, MrHaunted

Please check out his pages:

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Susan Spuhler 20190816


Episode Description:
Last second stand-in guest Susan Spuhler jets into The Haunted Chronicles studios to chat with Jennifer Runyon and MrHaunted Friday.

53.5 MB

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