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Haunted Chronicles

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Susan Spuhler 20190816


Episode Description:
Last second stand-in guest Susan Spuhler jets into The Haunted Chronicles studios to chat with Jennifer Runyon and MrHaunted Friday.

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Randy Daniel 20190809


Episode Description:
Randy Daniel stops in for a visit with Jen and Jim on the next episode of The Haunted Chronicles. Check out the page Randy created Ghost Seekers Big Bear Lake and is now run by Mary Lou St Lucas.

Randy ,has one of the creepiest ghost stories we've ever heard while serving in the US Navy,Tune in to hear! Thank you for your service Randy

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Mara Katria 20190719


Episode Description:
Mara Katria is a film director and editor as well as a musician and sound engineer. She was awarded Best Director for Please Talk with Me (which recreates the C2D1 Haunting of Erie Hall at SUNY Geneseo in 1985) at Wilson Horror Film Fest in 2013. The film (based on the "C2D1 Journal Notes" by J. Jeff Ungar, adapted for screen by Chris Di Cesare, and produced by William J. Edwards of CITA Productions) premiered by special invitation at Scare-A-Con film fest to a packed house and won Best Feature at Spirit Quest Film Fest in 2014. PTWM was invited back as a headliner for Eerie Horror Film Fest and continued in conventions and festivals though 2016 and beyond.

As of 2019, Mara is writing an EP of five original songs with her heroes, the legendary post punk band Modern English

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Joe Vitale 20190712


Episode Description:
Joe Vitale visits Jen and Jimmy on The Haunted Chronicles this week. Joe is a producer and paranormal investigator who was featured on Travel Channel and will share his terrifying experiences growing up and his investigations. including Tennesee's Hales Bar Dam, a location centuries ago cursed by a chieftain warlord. Please visit Joe's YouTube page Truth paranormal

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Kyle J Macias Hatman 20190628


Episode Description:
Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, to find a tall man wearing an old fashioned hat, his face shadowed, looming over you in bed. He’s intently examining you with pure evil radiating from his cold death-like stare. He lingers in your bedroom. You grip your bedsheets, you’re terrified to the core and shaking profusely.

Just when you think he’s going to attack, he disappears. He’s gone, without a trace.

Filmmaker ,paranormal investigator and researcher Kyle J Macias joins Jen and Jim on the next episode of The Haunted Chronicles!

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Deborah Schlegel 20190621


Episode Description:
Deborah Schlelgel jets into The Haunted Chronicles studios this week. Deborah has investigated and researched the paranormal for decades.and has been a great help to me on many cases Check out her page The Paranormal Portal with your hosts Jennifer Runyon and MrHaunted.

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