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Haunted Chronicles

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Mandela Effect and More 20180803


Episode Description:
These noodles are CREEPY AF ! We are going to be catching up on some stuff and sharing some spooky stories this week.

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Vicki Main 20180727


Episode Description:
Vicki Main joins Jennifer and Jimmy this week on The Haunted Chronicles! Vicki is a certified hypnotherapist, psychic and has been investigating the paranormal for 23 years many of those years with Michael Lynch.

Vicki was featured in the 2010 film The Exorcist File; "The Haunted Boy". We will hear all about her 3 visits to the original house in St Louis that became the subject of the movie The Exorcist! We are taking 2 weeks off after this episode so please tune in!

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Chris Gilloren 20180720


Episode Description:
Chris "Jeek" Gilloren is a member of The New England Society for Psychic Research founded by Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1952.

Chris is a decorated 24 year veteran police officer that has served on several specialized units including Emergency Services Unit (ESU/SWAT), narcotics unit, and trained in interview and interogation techniques.

Chris did not grow up with the same experiences many others in the team had. As a matter of fact, he did not have much knowledge or interest in the paranormal until he saw one of Ed and Lorraine Warren's lectures at a local university when he was about twenty years old. Still he never experienced any paranormal type activity until moving into a haunted apartment complex at the age of twenty-eight where there were mysterious footsteps above his family's top floor apartment and other unexplained activities.

Chris is a skeptic, always seeking the truth and looking for logical explanations . He's not quick to label something as paranormal or haunted.

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Stories 20180629


Episode Description:
Nicole Gaspard Aka Nikki Rae joins Jennifer Runyon and Jimmy Petonito MrHaunted this week.

Nicole is an author of three books, Haunted Pathways, Haunted Vessels and Cursed Objects, Whispers Within, and is a sensitive, and paranormal investigator. We'll be discussing her books and haunting experiences as well as her spirit communciations.

Please Visit her YouTube channel at

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Ben Canham 20180622


Episode Description:
Ben Canham jets into The Haunted Chronicles studios all the way from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire UK! this Friday! Ben is a collector of haunted objects and volunteers at we will hear all about his job at the museum the haunted objects there and his own collection. Please join hosts Jennifer Runyon and Jimmy Petonito AKA (MR Haunted) for this amazing show.

Websites: https//

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EP206 Nursery Rhymes 20180615


Episode Description:
The origin of most nursery rhymes are absolutely terrrifying! What sounded like a happy sing-songy rhyme as a child totally changed when we read them as an adult.

Many nursery rhymes describe death,disease,and domestic abuse Join Jimmyy (Mr Haunted)) Petonito and Jennifer Runyon as we explore some of the creepiest ones.

The last time we did a Nursery Rhyme episode was Jan 2015, and darn tootin its time for another one.

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