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Carrie Kenady 20190519


Episode Description:
Carrie Kenady, Pet and people psychic joins Tim this week to discuss her wonderful gift and possibly do mini readings on air!

Carrie was attacked by an abused and neglected dog when she was only six years old. Twenty stitches and multiple plastic surgeries later, Carrie still felt bad for the dog because he had to be put to sleep. Intuitively she knew that the dog deserved a better life. She understood at a very tender age that all animals are sentient beings who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. And so began her quest to be a voice for the animals.

Today Carrie regularly communicates with all species, including animals who have crossed over. She is a psychic medium and can easily "go into the gap" and deliver clear evidence from beloved pets.

Carrie is constantly amazed at the things animals share with her, such as their favorite memories or little things that only their owners can validate. Animals make her laugh, cry, and question everything she has ever known about living in the physical realm.

"They are our greatest teachers of unconditional love and living in the moment," said Carrie. "They heal, protect, and provide hours of entertainment. We are their voice and their providers, and in return they are our constant, devoted companions. Our relationship with them is sacred and should be treated as such."

Carrie's passion in life is to help as many animals and their owners as she can. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with her daughter and two fur children.

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John Cassidy 20190512


Episode Description:
ohn Cassidy, medium returns to Fox Cities Paranormal Radio for what promises to be an emotional show filled with stories from events, investigations, and communication with spirit.

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Tim by Himself 20190505


Episode Description:
Tim goes solo tonight to tackle a few paranormal topics including, but not limited to his thoughts on ITC specialists contacting celebrities days after their death.

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Keith Johnson 20190414


Episode Description:
Keith Johnson, a man with years of experience in the field joins Tim to talk about some of his high profile cases, his time on TV, and what the Easter holiday means

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Josh Weimer 20190331


Episode Description:
Josh Weimer returns to the program to talk wrestling! It is Wrestlemania season and with that it also means it is ACW WrestlingCon season in Oshkosh, WI.

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Ken Decosta 20190324


Episode Description:
Ken Decosta returns to the show to discuss Ocean State Paracon and his many years of experience in the paranormal field.

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