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Decoding the Mystic

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Reconnecting with Guides 20171017


Episode Description:
Join Vicki Johns and Brock Burroughs as they talk about reconnecting with guides. Phone lines will be open for questions and maybe a reading or two!

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Cheryl Jones 20171010


Episode Description:
Long before ParaMania Radio was even a thought to be had, God said let there be Cheryl. And so she was. Hosts Jen Young and Vicki Johns are joined by Cheryl Jones. Daughter of Ivan and Arlene Odbert, Cheryl is the oldest of three children and big sister to her brothers Tim and Fred. Cheryl has always had an interest in the supernatural, the esoteric and the strange. Cheryl also worked for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland for over 27 years before retiring to spend more time with her husband Warren. Cheryl has seen spirit and had a few peculiar paranormal experiences over the years. This especially has been true since Cheryl's husband Warren passed away from Cancer in 2008 when she received a message on her answering machine that came from her father and her husband who were both in spirit. Cheryl has always been a central nexus or connection point that binds others and she emminates a peaceful calm when in her presence. She is also the mother of her two children Jennifer Green and David Erickson who is co-owner of ParaMania Radio along with his wife Jenny Stewart.

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Decoding the Mystic Introduction 20171003


Episode Description:
This is a show to introduce everyone to the people behind the microphones. Tonight Jen Young, Vicki Johns and Brock Burroughs talk about the new show and some of the ideas they have for future shows. Included tonight who the hosts are. The hosts discuss their passion for advocating for human rights, the environment, caring for our spiritual self, and talk about what they themselves are doing. Phone lines will be open and callers are welcome to call in with questions, comments or to request a quick reading. Be prepared because with this zany trio you never know what will pop up or make you laugh. Let's face it this is a new show but these hosts are crazy as ever!

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