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Become a Host on ParaMania Radio
So you've decided your interested in become a show host on ParaMania Radio.  Now all you need to do is apply!!  You will need to send an email to admin@paramaniaradio.com. In this email you will need to include all of the following information:
  • Your Real Name
  • Your contact email and phone number.
  • The name of your show
  • A basic description of your show idea and what you plan on discussing.
  • A sample recording (either a previous show you've done or a demo) that is a few minutes long.
  • Check out our current show schedule page (displayed in your local timezone) to idenify available timeslots that may meet your needs. You will want to provide us two timeslots: a perferred and an alternate. Provide us the day, start time, your timezone and the length (1 or 2 hours) of each timeslot selected. Please do not request a timeslot that is already occupied by another show.
  • Let us know whether you are capable or have someone in mind already to handle the technical part of producing your show.  If you do not feel comfortable or do not have someone, we may have other options to assist you in producing your show.
  • While we would prefer you to do a live show, a prerecorded podcast is possible but we highly encourage you to join the chat room when your show airs in its main time slot to maintain the rich interactive experience to the listeners.
  • Provide us the estimated start date when you would be ready to begin your show on ParaMania Radio, if approved. Please ensure this date is no less than 7 days from submission of your application.
What happens once you submit your application?
Once you submit your application via email, your application will begin its review process by the board. The board will review your application. If any questions arise, you may be contacted during this process to obtain more information. Each member of the board will then vote whether they find your show and you to be a good fit for ParaMania Radio.
The entire review process may take up to a full week (7 days) to be completed. If for any reason the review process will take longer, you will be contacted via email and notified.
Once all the board members have voted, you will be notified immediately as to the status of your application. If your show is approved by the board, we will then assign someone to work with you to collect all necessary information, graphics/banners, and review the ParaMania Radio standard show format. Good luck! We hope to see your application soon and welcome you to the family!
Technical Requirements for Hosting a Show
There are a few technical requirements, software and equipment you may need in order to successfully produce and host a professional show. 
First lets talk about the software.  You will need software in order to stream your show to our server.  The two most common pieces of software to use is either Sam Broadcaster (recommended - small one time cost) or the Winamp Shoutcast DSP Plugin (FREE).  SAM Broadcaster is highly recommended as it has a greater feature set and is easier to use producing a live show.  You can download Sam Broadcaster from spacial.com and try a 30 day evaluation. Winamp can be downloaded from here.  The Shoucast DSP Plugin can be downloaded from here.  If you plan on having a guest on your show or to take call-ins from the listeners then you will also need a Skype client.  We encourage  your guests to use Skype if they have a decent headset.  The audio from Skype is much clearer than a telephone line.  If the guest does not have a headset then call them on their phone line using Skype.  Outgoing calls on skype cost about $2.99/mo currently.  To have a call-in number with Skype the current cost is $12 every 3 months.
Now on to the equipment.  Depending on whether you will be producing your own show will effect the type of equipment you will require.  If you are producing your own show then you will either need:
a) A computer, a mixer, dynamic or condensor microphone, stereo headphones w/ 1/4" connector adapter, and two Stereo 3.5mm Mini Male to Dual Mono 1/4 Inch Phone Males Y-Adapter Cable
b) A computer, a USB Headset, and something similar to Virtual Audio Cables (Costs $30 and replaces need for  a mixer).  This setup will require a more modern computer as the software can be taxing on the computer. To determine if your computer is capable of producing your show using this method, use the Passwork CPU Benmark Rankings by searching for your processor. Any Passmark CPU Mark of 2300 or higher will be fine. Anything below it will most likely have audio problems and it is not recommended. Review your computer manufacturer specifications provided by the vendor to determine which CPU/processor is installed in your computer.
If you are going to have your show produced for you by someone then you will only need a computer, skype client, internet connection and a good USB headset.  Using a microphone built-in to a webcam or the built in microphone in your computer/laptop is not adequate audio quality for a show host. Remember you get what you pay for and a $10 headset will sound like a $10 headset.
Please make sure no matter what category you fall under you will need a good high speed broadband internet connection.  Tethering to your cell phones wireless internet is good as an emergency fallback but usually is not adequate for regular show production.
You should also make sure you acquire some kind of Pop filter or foam cover over your microphone pickup if one does not come with it.  This will eliminate the popping sound when you pronounce your P's or other hard consonants and be quite uncomfortable to the listener to hear for the whole length of your show.