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ParaMania Radio is the premiere Paranormal Radio Station shining the light on Paranormal Radio!! Please join us for great shows and start learning about the paranormal, spirituality, crypto's,ufo's. If you are interested in hosting your own show with us click on the Become a Host link above.  If you would like to consider advertising with ParaMania then please click on the Contact Us link above and someone will get back to you shortly.


ParaMania Radio's webserver was recently hacked and a large amount of our content was lost forever. Fortunately we were able to atleast locate an earlier version of the website so we were not starting totally from scratch. There may be some features that are currently not available. We will be working over the next few weeks to restore as much functionality to ParaMania Radio as possible. Also, you will notice that we temporairily are using a XAT chatroom in place of our new chatroom. This is due to a large number of customizations that will need to be rewritten before we can restore the former chatroom to its former (or better!) glory.
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